In 1692 the earth took a seismic breath,and modern Jamaica was born.

Over three centuries later, from the scattered rock and stone, and the bewildering beauty of the island, came a potent force of creation. 1692 is about powerful, understated sartorial elegance, born of the iconic, industrious land of wood and water. Our first collection echoes the artful construction and endless resilience of the island, with perfectly tailored lines defining poise and presence, for the twenty-first century gentleman.


In 2019 Samiya Miah and Raheem Sterling came together to start Sixteen Ninety Two with one goal: creating high-quality menswear that demonstrates their love for perfectly tailored menswear. They wanted to reflect their appreciation for craftsmanship in all its forms -including the ones found in nature's beauty through imperfection. Each item in the collection is named after the rocks and stones left behind after the catastrophe - the mineral basis of a land that continues to produce greatness.